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Migraine, migraine go away; (don’t) come again some other day.

2004-06-16 - 7:20 p.m.

This headache thing is wreaking havoc with my updating schedule. Today was actually worse than yesterday and I ended up in bed all day. I won’t share the gory details except, hey! Did you know bile is green?

Moving right along…

J and I spent the weekend at his sister’s place visiting and getting to know the new baby. I’ve gotta say, I think this baby must be part of some sort of evil plot to get people to procreate. Not only is she absolutely adorable, but she’s almost scarily easy to be around. I didn’t hear her cry for more than maybe a minute at a time. She looks like a wee angel when she sleeps, then she wakes up and starts making these glomp, glomp, monch, monch, motions and noises with her teeny little mouth, a bottle is promptly propped in her mouth, she eats it, gets burped, then looks around until her eyes start to roll back in her head and then goes to sleep. Lather, rinse, repeat.

I know, I know, breast feeding is better, but her mom just wasn’t capable of producing the quantities of milk needed so she pumps and the baby gets half formula, half breast milk from the bottle. It seems to be working for them as she’s thriving and gaining weight. At 2 ˝ weeks she’s wearing sleepers for 3 month-olds.

We went for walks and for ice cream and even for breakfast with the baby and nary a peep out of her in public. At one point at the end of breakfast I was feeding her and happened to look up to see a row of female faces gazing raptly over the edge of the booth. I think I even heard one of them mutter something about how doesn’t she just want one now?

See? Evil plot I tell you.

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