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Jeez, isn't that always the way?

2004-06-10 - 11:55 a.m.

Every week I teach my class and every week Ive been consistently getting 25-30 participants. Last night when I had my annual review? 12 people showed up. 12 quiet people.

And the sound system balked at letting me put my CDs in.

And I got some wicked feedback on the mic towards the end of class.

I told my coordinator that she should have been there last week, that wed had lots more people and the class was really fired up and having a good time. She said that everyone says that.

Anyway, the subtext of the official review was that I was very good with technical stuff but that Im kind of boring (my words, not hers); I need to work on making my class more fun and exciting and I need to modulate my voice more. It was very frustrating because generally my classes really, honestly, are more fun than the one last night. I could tell it was off and there wasnt anything I seemed to be able to do to hit the groove.

It probably wasnt helped that this particular person makes me a bit edgy as weve had a personality conflict in the past. (Ok, maybe more than one.) I also have to get over the feeling of sort of sneaking my way into being a fitness instructor; of being the only unathletic, former-chunky-kid, among life-long sporty powerhouses. I know that Ive passed the same certifications as they have I even know that some of them started off as members just like I did, and at least two of them even used to be obese (which I never was) before getting into fitness I just cant help feel like Im on that show where they train a total novice then put them into a situation where theyre up against pros.


I only hope that she randomly pops into another class sometime and sees the fun we have.


On the plus side, I did get my performance raise and finally, finally, finally got onto the regular pay scale. Ive been getting the probationary pay level since I started over a year and a half ago and theyre supposed to come and review you and put you on regular pay after 3 months. No back pay but hey, a raise and an extra class a week on this schedule? I can live with that.

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