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2004-06-03 - 11:07 a.m.

Class last night was fun. For those of you just tuning in, I teach a weight lifting class once a week. I dont want to mention this class by name but I will say its pre-choreographed, available world-wide an hour long, and always consists of 10 tracks which include a warm up and cooldown and the 8 tracks in between work all the major muscle groups.

I love this class to an insane degree. I took it as a participant for 3 + years before I decided that they might as well pay me for it instead of the other way around, and took the instructor training. That was 2 years ago.

I never get tired of it. I sometimes think I will, but I just dont. I still totally groove out to my favourite tracks and being able to get the entire class to move in sync while having the proper, safe form is a rush. Getting a laugh at my jokes and antics during a difficult part is gravy.

Last night was, like, the awesomest. The class really seemed to enjoy themselves, despite the fact that I chose a few of the harder selections. The best for me was during the bicep track. It was a Backstreet Boys tune and its not an easy one. There was a woman in my class that had all the factors that often make a person self-conscious* ganging up on her: she was fairly new to the class (Id only seen her a few times before and not for awhile), she was a bit heavy and just starting the workout stuff, she needed to take frequent breaks, etc. During one of these breaks, instead of standing there and feeling odd or bad about it, she started bobbing and grooving to the music; she was, dare I say it, verging on dancing! I was filled with glee that someone new to the class felt comfortable enough to really get into it like that and I was all, Woo! Awesome! I would so be dancing too if I didnt have to keep demonstrating this stuff up here!

One of my regulars told me afterwards that shed almost dropped her weights and busted a groove too. I said she totally should have so maybe shell do it next time the mood is right.

Anyway, our staff meeting is tonight so Ill find out if Im in the same slot for the summer. Even though that location isnt as good for me as some of the other ones in the city, I hope Im in the same place. I get along so well with my regulars, and with the staff there, that Id miss everybody.


*This is just what Ive observed in my time at the gym. Im not saying these things should make someone self-conscious I love having new people in my class and helping them have a fun, safe workout and seeing them come back and get fitter and stronger over time just that they often do.

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