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Long weekend for me; nyah, nyah!

2004-06-11 - 11:32 a.m.

Friday! Woo hoo! And even better? Iím taking Monday off. No post until Tuesday after this folks.

Iíll be heading to southern Ontario to visit my sister in-law this weekend (the visit was arranged before they decided to come up last weekend and sheís apparently looking forward to it, as is my husband, so weíre still going).

Monday, Iím taking off JUST BECAUSE I FEEL LIKE IT!!!

I checked my leave record and apparently Iíve managed to build up 45 days of leave Ė thatís nine weeks folks Ė and Iíve got to take at least 10 of those off before the end of March next year or get cashed out of them. While cash always appeals, that would mean losing a quarter of the value to taxes and if I take the time I get the whole enchiladaís worth.

The only area-for-improvement feedback I got from my boss at my last job was that I should take more time off. I think I only took a day or two for the 15 months I worked there. I took her advice to heart and took all of August off before starting my current job last year but, according to her, that didnít count because I was getting married and going on my honeymoon so it wasnít really a relaxing month-long break.

It feels so decadent to take a day for no real reason at all. You know what Iím going to do with my luxurious freedom? File my GST for the sale of the house last year! Party down! I may just go even wilder and clean my house! Actually, Iím not being that sarcastic with the enthusiasm Ė I should have a couple of thousand coming back to me so I should damn well get on the filing of those papers. And while I hate cleaning, I love a clean place, and we have a lot more company in the summer so I might as well start preparing.

Also? My mother is having an addition put on her house and is meeting with the fellow whom she intends to have the work done by. Having built my house a couple of years ago, I may attend to ensure that all the bases are covered and in writing. My mother is a very trusting sort and she doesnít like to complain, so she tends to get sub-par work done and doesnít say a peep about it to the person who did it, and just pays them. For example, she had her house built in 1990 and itís a beautiful house, donít get me wrong, but the men that built it knew that sheíd intended to leave the pine-plank flooring upstairs exposed, yet they left nails lying around on it in the rain and to this day there are nail-long black stains all over the floor. As well, thereís been a lot of development in my momís corner of the countryside and I suspect enforcement of the building regulations has been tightened so she might be in for a bit of a shock. This is a woman that didnít put any kind of railings on her inside staircases for the longest time, and still doesnít have railings on the staircases leading up to her front and side doors, and if she left stuff like that off today, at least in Ottawa, she wouldnít get an occupancy permit.

It will mean a drive out to Kemptville but I think I should maybe go. Sheís a perfectly capable woman but I like to keep an ear out for her interests anyway.

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