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Big Mac Attack!

2004-05-13 - 10:58 a.m.

I have a confession. I have a dirty little secret and I am coming out of the closet with it...

I am a junkie. A McDonald’s junkie, that is.

Oh I pretend that I don’t like McDonald's when faced with the revulsion of my peers. I nod sagely when someone decries McD’s as a den of bad health, a bastion of grease and terrible taste. And I keep my lips zipped when references are made to the evil supposedly visited upon the world by McDonald’s.

The sad truth is, the summer I was 16 and living on my own for the first time I practically lived on McDonald’s food – and even that wasn’t enough to turn me off it. If you put all the vegetables I ate that summer together in one place, you’d probably have a large salad and it would be composed largely of shredded iceberg lettuce from Big Macs. (Mom, if you ever discover this journal, uh, I’m totally making this up. Really.)

These days I don’t go very much because my continual Battle of the Bulge raises my guilt level if I do. Also, I’m ostensibly an adult and should be making better food choices which include making my own damn meals and not relying on fast food. I do still seek McD’s for a nice bland Happy Meal if I’ve got a migraine that I’m getting over, and I also give myself “permission” to go from time to time as a “treat”. While I have tried some of their lighter alternatives really, I’m there for a Big Mac so what is the point of beating around the bush?

So, I’ve managed to find some options that allow me to get my Big Mac fix but without always feeling like I’ve ingested a lump of pure lard right afterwards.

Did you know that you can order a cheeseburger and ask for them to add Mac sauce and lettuce for example? It’s kind of like a Mini Mac instead of a Big Mac and worth the extra nickel some places charge for the lettuce. You eliminate the calories of the entire second layer this way (a serving of sauce, a patty and ½ a bun which are the most fattening parts of a Mac), plus it’s cheaper.

The other day I tried a new tactic and had them replace the Mac Sauce (which has 95 calories and 9.4 grams of fat) with mustard (with only .4 calories and no fat) and it wasn’t bad either.

I found these numbers on the McDonald’s Canada website which has a nutrition calculator where you can have all the numbers on their foods broken down into their components. It’s pretty slick. I did notice one odd thing though, the Big Mac has recently lost a slice of cheese somewhere – the pics of the new one only show one slice – yet the calories etc. listed for the cheese on the Big Mac are twice those listed for the cheese on the cheeseburger. Has the nutrition calculator not caught up to the change? Or are the cheese slices on the Big Mac twice as thick?

Enquiring minds, ok, maybe just this enquiring mind, wants to know.

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