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Oh the suspense!

2004-05-12 - 9:19 a.m.


By the time you read this it will be the day after I’m writing it and I will probably already know the outcome and, in fact, there may be more news further down this page.

At the moment though, all I know is that my sister inlaw has gone in to have a stress test done on her baby [note: I do not actually know what a “stress test” on a fetus involves]. She was ordered by her doctor to stay home from work as of last week because her blood pressure was getting too high. If the finding is that the baby is stressed (missing work? feeling tired? muscles all in a knot? smoking and eating too much?), they intend to evaluate the possibility of either inducing her today or scheduling a C-section (also possibly today).

There’s no worry about the baby being delivered 2 ½ weeks early since, as I mentioned before, the baby is more than big enough to thrive outside the womb at this point. If the ultrasound technician was right and the baby weighed 8 pounds a few weeks ago, I wonder how much bigger he or she is now!

This means that by the time I post this tomorrow, I may be an aunt already! The future grandparents are standing by, ready to race to southern Ontario as soon as they get the word…


At the risk of being anti-climactic (but weren’t you on the edge of your seat just for a minute? Yeah, that’s how I felt yesterday.), there is no baby or labour to produce said baby to report at the moment. My sister inlaw’s blood pressure wasn’t in the danger zone and it sounds like the fetus is just happily chillin’ in the womb right now so they’re going to wait a week and check again.

I think they are a bit disappointed because they are ready to have this baby at this point – the mom’s tired and huge, they had their hospital bags with them when they went in yesterday (yes, the dad had one also with reading material, soap, a toothbrush, toothpaste, etc. My husband gave it to him while we ladies were having the shower for the mom. Hey, labour can last a long, long time and the dad needs to keep refreshed and alert too while he’s coaching and waiting.), they have a fridge and freezer full of meals for a week or two, the nursery is ready, etc.

So stay tuned, I’ll be keeping people abreast of developments as they occur. Or at least the day after they occur.

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