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2004-05-14 - 12:11 p.m.

So if youíre wondering why I didnít post with my usual alacrity today, itís because I was over at another department interviewing for position there. Like all potential jobs, there are pros and cons to be weighed but the bottom line Iím working with here is that if I want to go there, theyíll ďmake it happenĒ. (There are some convoluted rules and processes around hiring in the government Ė even hiring internally Ė so it actually would take a bit of dedication to move things quickly.)

As well, thereís still the job on the table that I interviewed for a couple of weeks ago. The main issue with that one is actually the hiring system as they want me and I do think Iíd like it there. It depends really, on the persistence and clout of the person who wants to bring me in. Iím not suggesting any of the due processes would be circumvented; merely acknowledging that the person in each department who makes the decisions regarding the program Iím in is the one who will ultimately have to agree to bring me into the fold.

At any rate, both teams have some interesting challenges and the people that Iíd be working with really appeal in both cases, so there will be some soul-searching going on if it turns out that the final decision between the two is mine.

Other than that, things are in a bit of a holding pattern around here. I have no huge angst to entertain you with, J is working both mornings this weekend so we have no big plans except maybe helping a couple of friends move, the running training is still coming along painfully slowly (and I mean those last two words literally) with the race only a couple of weeks away, and thereís no news on the imminent birth of my niece or nephew.

Next weekend is the long weekend, plus my motherís birthday on the Monday and my brotherís on the Tuesday so there should be some fun and frolic to report; the weekend after that is choc-a-block with the race, the Great Glebe Garage Sale, and my sister and grandmother descending for the weekend to celebrate my motherís birthday. There is talk of Montreal the weekend after that and sometime in June we may be heading to Toronto for my sisterís college graduation.

In other words, between my potential job change, busy plans and the anticipated new addition to the family (and thatís just what I foresee and doesnít take into account any surprises), I should have more to write about in the upcoming weeks.

Of course, when nothing of note happens, Iím just going to torture you with these ďnope, nothing happening hereĒ entries because heaven forbid I miss a day! Hey, at least Iím quasi-dependable, right?

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