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They got my moolah and Iím Gold Jerry, Gold.

2003-12-10 - 6:04 p.m.

I am now officially a Gold member! Now, of course, I have to actually learn how to use the features so I can customize my pages a bit more and maybe, just maybe, Iíll even take advantage of the banner ads that come with buying a yearís subscription. I have two friends that are graphic artists/designers and at least one reads this journal so, hey you, yeah you, you know who you are, guess what I want for ChristmasÖ

Oh, oh! This is very exciting. I just set up the secret, invisible stats counter on my page and checked my stats to reveal, well, nothing. So I waited 10 whole minutes, still nothing. I suppose that deep down I hoped that the stats would tell me that, despite no one knowing me online, and me not telling hardly anyone about the existence of my journal, I had somehow mysteriously been discovered by millions of adoring, yet silent, fans. Maybe they all are too respectful of my privacy to email me, stricken silent in awe of my mighty typing fingers, or maybe they figure Iím so obviously swamped with email that they donít want to overload my inbox. Yeah, thatís it. But the truth has been revealed and I can no longer pretend otherwise; in the average 10-, no, 15- now, minute segment, no one visits me. Augh! The shame! The unrelenting sting of unpopularity! I am a lone voice crying in the wilderness. Except, not, because if a voice cries in the wilderness and no one hears it, does it really make a sound?

Ok, ok, Iíll stop lamenting and rattling my chains like an escapee from a Dickens novel. Truth is, I know this is currently being written for my benefit as I hone my skills at my favourite hobby. And Iím bringing a couple of friends along for the ride. For now I should be content with that secret little glow I get from spellcheck finding no errors after I type an entire entry at one go. Taking happiness where you can find it is a good way to live.

So banner ads eh? I need to get me some of those. Oh and maybe learning more than the absolute basic HTML would be helpful. Then, then I can start on my road to fame.

Baby steps people. Baby steps.

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