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Lovely, lovely tree.

2003-12-08 - 2:48 p.m.

Ugh. Well Saturday at least didnít go exactly to plan since J realized he had no reason to not help someone move, contrary to what heíd previously told them when we were going to be out of town. That took him pretty much all day.

And I spreadsheeted to my heartís content as getting ready to file a bunch of forms for the Ontario New Housing Rebate also took pretty much all day.

Sunday though, we did invade the mall and got exactly no Christmas presents. Dagnabit! I did manage to score a gift for one of the multitude of pregnant people I know. Sheís due Jan. 6th so itís almost like getting a Christmas present out of the way. We also managed to clean the house a bit and set up the tree ready for trimming on Sunday.

Our $15 tree from Ikea turned out to be quite the fat little conifer once it was released from itís bindings. These trees are really an all-time good deal as they only cost $15 and when you buy one you get a gift certificate to Ikea for $15 off any purchase over $50. So if you would spend over $50 at Ikea anyway, and odds are high in my household, the tree is free! I may be the only person in my generation to be familiar with the saying ďnever buy a pig in a pokeĒ but thatís what Iím reminded of when I look at all those tightly-bound trees. How can you debate the relative merits of trees that are corseted into tall spindles? But both of the two years weíve taken advantage of this deal we got lovely, lush, 8 foot trees.

Sunday night the tree was ready for trimming so we decked it out in lights and ornaments and tinsel, turned out the lights, turned on the gas fireplace, and lit that mutha up. Itís beautiful! All thatís missing are the two ornaments we bought on our honeymoon (my mom has them out at her place because she was going to try to Martha Stewart something similar), then it will be perfect. Perfect I say!

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