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2003-12-11 - 9:45 a.m.

I was strolling through the downpour to work today, watching the sidewalk for treacherous patches of ice that hadnít yet melted from last nightís freezing rain, and a flash of yellow caught my eye. Nestled in the grass by the sidewalk gleamed a banana pepper. I suppose someone leaving the Greek takeout place up the block had probably tossed it down with a contemptuous flick. It looked so bright and shiny amongst the riparian brown that I wished I had a camera to capture it.

I got to the corner and, waiting for the light to change, was a cheery green umbrella. With a thin, wide, red smile painted on it. And little fins on top on which were painted bulbous froggy eyes. A child out on her own? No. My eyes followed the green motif down to the purse and I took a sharper look at her. These splashes of colour belonged to a petite Chinese woman tastefully dressed in dark grey with accents of burgundy. She looked dressed for a day at the office.

This brings me to...

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