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From here to THERE!

2010-04-08 - 4:20 p.m.

ďMaybe when you shoot for the ridiculously big stuff, youíre bound to land somewhere good.Ē

These are words penned by Linda over at All & Sundry this week.

Coincidentally, Iíve been devoting a significant amount of my downtime (those otherwise-idle moments when Iím on the bus with nothing to read, for example) to pondering the big question:

What do I want out of life, and how do I get it?

I am starting with a vision. Well, two visions, actually.

The five-to-ten-year vision:

I am stepping out of a house. A relatively modest, but well-designed house. It is morning, the sun is shining enough to heat up my hair, but the clear air is still cool-ish. Iím probably still wearing a sweater or hoodie, but I have it on over shorts, sandals and a light t-shirt in anticipation of the warmer day that is to come. There are no mosquitoes. I can smell the nearby pine trees and when I raise my gaze, my perch on the hillside affords me a view of my surroundings, and water off in the distance. I hear birds. I know that if I follow the sandy path through the pines I could reach the general store where my kids will meet their friends for ice cream later after swimming, but for now I am on my way over to my momís and Bís cottage, which is nestled like a jewel box on its nearby lot, to see if their strawberry plants have produced any extra berries for our pancakes this morning.

The twenty-to-thirty-year vision:

I am sitting at a long, harvest-style table, which is outdoors and lit by lanterns strung overhead. Spread before me is a yummy, simple meal of fresh, healthy foods. A decadent dessert, which my mom prepared as her contribution to the meal, is waiting under a cover in the kitchen. Looking down the table I see the people I love most: My husband is laughing at something someone (probably uncle Bob) said; my mom is eyeballing the dishes to pick out which ones are vegetarian for her; my daughter is talking about her first job and my son has brought his partner home from university for us to meet. My friends Mare and Adrienne are there with their now-close-to-grown child, who is temporarily home from her travels and regaling us with stories. If itís closer to thirty years than twenty, Iím hoping thereís a chubby baby or two in this picture as well; babies I can rub noses with and wipe drool off of.

So here is my question, which, if I get off my butt, will lead to a mission: How do I make these visions come true?

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