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2010-03-31 - 4:08 p.m.

I donít think I mentioned it, but Biscuit was officially weaned when we got back from Jamaica in January. Iím sort of sad but sort of glad at the same time, since it does free me up to do things like go away for the weekend. Not that I plan to do that often, but I wouldnít have been able to attend Weetacon with him still nursing. The next weekend away from the kids will be the first full weekend in August, when Iíll be going to BlogHer in New York with the hubby. (Sure, he wonít come to Wisconsin in March, but New York in August? In a hot minute, apparently.)

Speaking of Biscuit, heís now drinking milk! His dairy allergy seems to have disappeared, and heís chugging down bottles of organic whole milk every night, and I think heíll even be able to eat ice cream for his 2nd birthday this June! I still add a touch of soy mixed in, along with a scoop of powdered dietary supplement (basically a formula) thatís designed for toddlers. I know Iíll have to get him off the night-time bottles for the sake of his teeth, but for now Iím just happy heís finally getting some calories into him.


We are still in the new house, thinking of when weíll be moving back to the old house. Because our tenants are looking to change cities within the next year but donít know when exactly itíll happen, weíve struck a deal with them that they can leave whenever they want as long as they give us 3 months notice so we can sell the new house in a timely fashion. I kind of wish theyíd give us a call tomorrow: right now is a ridiculously good time to sell a house here in Ottawa. The market has gone absolutely insane this spring. Plus, itíd be nice to have the pool back for whatís forecast to be a hot, dry summer.

Oh well, I shouldnít complain: they are paying our mortgage for us as long as theyíre there, and the new house isnít exactly a hovel.


I have been selected to be one of the official artists for the Canadian Tulip Festival again this year! This means, in case you missed it last year, that my photography will be sold in the Tulip Art Gallery in Commissionerís Park (beside Dowís Lake), and Iíll get an official artistís badge to wear while Iím out-and-about (or ďoot-and-abootĒ, as some of my fine American friends insist I say) at the festival taking pictures. They only want 2 images this year since last year they felt the walls were too crowded. Iím tempted to take 2 large and 3 smaller, and offer to leave either set, depending on their space and layout restrictions.

I also boldly approached two more gallery owners to give them my business cards last week. No nibbles yet, but at least Iím making the effort. On the plus side, Iíve been offered some free advertising space in my realtor friendís quarterly newsletter, and heís buying one of my framed images and giving it away as a free prize draw.

I can only hope the tax man takes all this effort into consideration and accepts my photography business as a business, and not just the ďfurtherance of a hobbyĒ.

Ugh. Taxes. Thatís something else to add to my to-do list for the next couple of week. In the short-term thoughÖ

Happy Easter everyone!

Feel free to drop by my new digs dedicated to my photography stuff, and where Iíve started a diptych project. Also, Iím getting my new package of Photoshop and Dreamweaver delivered next week, so Iím hoping to spruce up the actual home base website.

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