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2010-03-08 - 4:27 p.m.

Still officially on hiatus, yet how can I not update?

Thing the first: Weetacon rocked!

I cannot even tell you all the stuff that happened over the weekend, because what happens at Weetacon, stays at Weetacon (if you're one of the fabulous people I met this past weekend, drop me a line in the comments so I know you were here), but perhaps it will suffice to say:
1) I am now named Bruce, at least at Weetacon.
2) The Bad Bar now has a drink called ďBruceís DrinkĒ.

Iím not saying you could go there tomorrow to order it, but if you ordered it on the night we were there, what you got would have been what everyone else got when they ordered it by that name, if you follow.

Not bad for a mostly-non-drinker, eh?

Thing the second: I swear my kids are bigger and look older than they did when I left on Thursday, and Biscuit is even saying new words and more clearly enunciating his old ones. It is so odd to get away from the kids for several days. On the one hand, itís a break, but on the other you miss them like crazy and they grow/develop like weeds while youíre gone. Oh and we cancelled the speech assessment for Biscuit. He may have started talking late, but heís making up for lost time now. Heís even perfected his first sentence: ďDonít want it.Ē Iím so proud.

Thing the third: I had a chunk cut out of my leg a couple of weeks ago. They biopsied for skin cancer and I get the results this Friday. It was funny (and not in a ďha haĒ kind of way), but they said theyíd biopsy my small, mole-sized red lesion, and I saw them tap it into a vial of liquid where it floated gently to the bottom, but when I peeled back the band-aid to change it that evening I discovered a really gross crater much larger than the original bump. It seems that they had to make sure to excavate around and under the bump to be sure they got all of the cells that might have been affected if it does turn out to be cancerous. Friday seems like a long way off and Iím trying not to think about it too much ahead of time, so thatís going to be all on that topic until at least next week.

Or longer, whenever I come back next.

In the meantime, take a stroll through the archives if you feel the need to be entertained by my riveting infertility/pregnancy/baby/pregnancy/baby stories. If those topics donít suit, youíll have to go back even further and check out my earliest stuff Iím afraid.

Oh and I got set up with the beginnings of a photography blog over the weekend, thanks pretty much exclusively to the help of fellow Weetacon attendee Fredlet, so when thatís actually up and running Iíll post a link from here. In the meantime, I believe I promised a link to my Shutter Sisters guest post if it went up, so here it is, ta-dah!

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