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What's up, buttercup?

2010-02-10 - 2:00 p.m.

No, I havenít disappeared from the face of the earth, just this journal. I suppose you could say Iíve been on unplanned hiatus.

This is really just a note to let those few of you who follow this thing that Iím going to continue this hiatus Ė though planned this time Ė for at least a little while. Itís not a case of being overwhelmed by all Iíve got on my plate, so much as really wanting to focus on a short list of few things, which this journal is not currently on.

For the record, before I go back to radio silence:

Biscuit hit the 10th percentile for weight, then got a cold when we first got to Jamaica and dropped about Ĺ a pound (he was down to 9.75 kg). It doesnít sound like a lot but it made a perceptible difference when I hefted him and he does look skinny in the nekkid-on-the-beach pics I took of him, and it was enough to knock him back to only about 3rd percentile at his 20-month follow-up with the dietician and gastroenterologist. Nevertheless, they were encouraged enough that they donít plan on seeing him again and the dietician wants us to re-introduce dairy into his diet, with the goal of giving him whole milk instead of the current insanely complicated and expensive mix heís on: Alimentum (hypo-allergenic formula), soy milk, organic safflower oil and a daily dropper of multi-vitamins. For awhile weíll be adding an ounce of milk into that mix, then two, and so on until heís all milk, all the time, assuming he doesnít show any adverse symptoms. If he does, weíre to transition him to just the commercial soy and perhaps a bit of oil and vitamin supplementation. Yay for no more pricey formula! Oh and donít worry, heís been packing the weight back on since we got back 1.5 weeks ago, and I think heís totally regained it already.

Jamaica was AWESOME. Sun, sand, surf, all the food and beverage you could hold, whatís not to like? If you have kids of the ankle-biting age, I cannot recommend Beaches Boscobel enough. There are two or 3 tiny, nitpicky things Iíd suggest to them to make it that much better, but overall we were VERY happy with that vacation. Also, Grommet turned 4 there and I owe her a letter here soon as a result.

J lost his great-aunt. She broke her hip and was gone only a couple of weeks later. As someone in the fitness industry, I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to work on your balance and flexibility as you age, as well as do some weight-bearing activity for your bone density. The funeral was last weekend and we took the kids who were, as usual, very well-behaved. It was great to see some of the family but itís too bad the circumstances werenít happier.

So thatís it. Iím giving some serious attention to what I want out of life and how to get there these days, and in the short-term Iíve got the day-to-day stuff ongoing: I was interviewed on the fPOE blog; I donated a print to To Haiti With Love and have to get it to the printers ASAP, along with a couple other prints Iíve been promising people; I just submitted an article to a photography blog Ė watch this space Ďcause Iíll link to it if it gets the thumbs up and goes live; Iím getting ready to go to Weetacon and need to book tix to NY for BlogHer soon; and Iím giving some serious thought to re-branding my photography business, including a revamp of the website, which is pretty basic right now.

See yíall when the spirit next moves me.

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