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2009-10-16 - 4:07 p.m.

This week I applied to a couple of new galleries (real, does-nothing-but-show-art galleries!) that are specifically dedicated to showing photos. I have no idea what my chances are but, while no one can say no if you never ask, no one can say yes either.

Speaking of doing things with the photos, Im soon going to be cross-posting a collaborative effort in my Etsy shop with another Etsy vendor, Bill of House of Six Cats. He will be poised to produce ceramic coasters with 4 of my images on them if they are ordered from either shop. Cool eh? Check back on those links because youll see what I mean when the posts go live, hopefully within a week.

I also got off my butt and registered for the 2010 Weetacon. Im all in this week, baby!

This weekend were heading to my sister in-laws for my nephews christening so Uncle Bob will have the whole house to himself. Im almost hoping for a party to be thrown so that hell be obligated to clean the place up before we come home.

Man, if theres one thing thats suffering from my return to work its the state of cleanliness of the house. Seeing as cleaning is one of my least favourite activities, I wasnt great at staying on top of it when I was at home. Now? Disaster! I am contemplating getting a cleaning service. It would be almost covered by the money I make at the gym and Id rather spend two hours exercising than two hours cleaning any day.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and Ill let you know how things go with the applications. Even if neither of the new galleries nibble, I still have the show at the Glebe Community Centre art gallery in the pipeline for November, so Ive got that to look forward to at a bare minimum!

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