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The Stalker-licious entry!

2009-07-15 - 9:48 p.m.

I know everyone and their dog is a self-styled ďphotographerĒ these days, so it is, in fact, slightly sheepishly that I bring up the topic. However, at the risk of sounding like Iím either bragging or begging, I do have a show this Saturday (July 18th). Itís an Art in the Park in downtown Ottawa, so if youíre stalking me more from a-near than afar, hereís your chance to draw a bead on me. Itís in Minto Park, which is about halfway up Elgin St. (or halfway down, for you pessimists) and runs from 9 am to 5 pm. I did have to get juried in, and I know for a fact they did at least turn some people down, but Iím not sure how many. I do know that the other artists theyíve profiled on the event blog represent a very wide gamut of the arts and many are very talented, so take what you will from that.

Iíve got a similar, though non-juried, Art-in-the-Park show coming up on August 8th in Strathcona Park in Sandy Hill, so if you would-be assassins miss your mark this weekend, youíll have another chance very soon. (Iím also the featured artist at the Glebe Community Centre Art Gallery for the month of November, but wonít actually be there in the flesh as itís really more of a generic public space used for meetings and whatnot than a true dedicated gallery.) Iím not too worried though, itís not like I court a lot of controversy here in Compartment 14B; if the controversial Heather Armstrong from Dooce makes public appearances without being shot I feel safe as a celery stick in a bakery display window letting yíall know where Iíll be and when.

Iíve got to get a few more images up at my Flickr account and add a few listings to my Etsy shop in preparation. In terms of non-virtual stuff, I think Iím pretty set: Iíve got a big tent in case it rains, a table to put my business cards (ordered? check.) and portfolio book (bought? um, not yet.) on, and the materials for my display bought. I do have to do a couple of things to assemble and test my design for the display still, and probably wonít have a chance to do so until Thursday night. Iíve got all but three of my prints back from the printer, and I have the mats ordered to be picked up tomorrow and most of the frames bought, so I should be able to assemble the vast majority of finished product tomorrow night.

I also have to decide on prices. In the interest of being fair to those who bought my work at the Canadian Tulip Festival Art Gallery, I think I have to keep the prices for that particular size consistent. I havenít yet decided on prices for smaller prints, though obviously theyíll be less. Iíll take the prices for what I have posted on Etsy as a baseline, and factor framing and pain-in-the-ass-running-around-to-get-framing-accomplished costs in. Plus almost all the prints I have at the live show are larger than what I offer on Etsy. This is partly because itís so much easier and cost effective to ship small prints, and partly because I have the vague feeling that larger prints are more like capital-A Art. This is particularly true for my macro stuff, which makes up about 80% of my fine-art work. In my opinion only, if a close-up of something is printed small, you miss a lot of the detail that is the point of photographing it and blowing it up, yíknow? Plus it seems like there are a few people around (philistines!) that donít consider photography to be art, and, though small, card-sized prints would probably sell at a show, I donít want to sell them because then it feels kind of like Iím taking my art and making it more into a craft. I really am trying to get people to think ďartistĒ when they look at my stuff, more than ďartisanĒ (a noble designation, just not the one Iím aiming for).

Maybe Iím overthinking this a bit, yes?

Anyway, hereís the link to the show blog (look for my featured blurb and the poster that includes me on the list of artists Ė Iím going to keep a copy, Iím that tickled). There are details there, as well as a link to my website and directions for finding me on Facebook.

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