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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (in which I go ALL CAPS way too much)

2009-05-06 - 11:11 a.m.

The Good: I sold an image the first Saturday of the Festival!* Woot! It’s my first “big” sale! I’ve replaced it at the gallery with another image, and tomorrow I’ll be shooting amongst the tulips as part of the Artists in the Tulips program.

The Bad: Biscuit not only still won’t eat, I swear he’s eating less and has actually fallen even further off his growth curve. This is partly because he is swiping away and spitting out stuff he used to at least eat a little of, and at least partly because we’re afraid to feed him a lot of stuff that he’ll accept because he only seems to want stuff that we’re not supposed to give him because of his suspected allergies. Last night I felt triumphant because he took a bit of goat’s milk… but then he chucked it up. Worst of all …

The Ugly: … the little fellow had a mild fever a few nights ago and then got all wheezy. He’s on two kinds of puffers now and they’re holding off on diagnosis but suspect asthma. Unless, of course, the blood tests come back with confirmed allergies that are contributing. He’s also got a “sweat test” ordered to rule out cystic fibrosis (which WILL BE RULED OUT and I refuse to contemplate otherwise), and they’ve scheduled a swallowing study to see if it’s partly a mechanical thing. Of course, the instructions say to bring “foods your child likes”. Ha HA HAAAA!!! If he had foods he liked that he’s allowed to have and would eat, we wouldn’t need this blasted test.

I’m considering giving up breastfeeding outside of once in the morning and once at night and pumping the rest of the time, just so that he can get used to drinking from a bottle again (which he used to be fine with but won’t do anymore). I’d slowly mix in other stuff too so that there’s a transition in taste. The downside is that I’ve been trying to cut back a bit on breastfeeding to get him to eat more solids already and I swear he’s not eating any more solids and is, in fact, eating less, with a net result of fewer calories getting into him overall, which is EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT I’M TRYING FOR.

Any other bright ideas to get some nutrition into an 11-month old that can’t have eggs, milk or wheat, and won’t eat anything else and so is pretty much exclusively breastfed? Seriously, this is sucking. I have no problem with the idea of breastfeeding – especially since we don’t know what foods to trust – but clearly it’s not enough to sustain him all on its own at this point and he really does HAVE TO LEARN TO EAT.


* For those following along, my photography is in the Tulip Art Gallery at the Canadian Tulip Festival this month. If you’re in the ‘hood, drop by Commissioner’s Park by Dow’s Lake to check it out.

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