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2009-05-12 - 10:13 p.m.

I don’t really feel like bothering with the html for bullets, so y’all will have to settle for pseudo-bullets in the form of dashes…

- The puffers are no more; my little guy got better after only a few days on them and his lungs were pronounced “clear as a bell” at his follow-up appointment yesterday.

- Since we now believe that the wheezy-ness was caused by the same thing that caused a low-grade fever that immediately preceded it, we have put dairy and wheat back on Biscuit’s menu. This has meant that we can (and do) resort to measures like, oh, stirring his Rice Crispies into a little bit of melted butter. Tonight he got a few spoonfuls of whipped cream, and liked it AND kept it down. Yay!

- The sniffles, coughing, disgustingly, um, productive sneezes, and general mucous-y-ness that he’s been suffering with for the last 4 weeks has finally attenuated, and his appetite has picked back up a bit. Also yay! I mean, we still consider eating only half a jar of food at a sitting to be very good, but for awhile there we were lucky to get a tablespoon’s worth of anything into him at a time.

- We still have to have blood drawn. Boo! From last Monday to this he once again lost a tiny bit of weight. Plus the allergist needs to know for sure what foods are verboten.

- We have a pediatrician appointment this Friday and are holding off on the blood tests until we're sure the pede doesn't want to add anything to the list. Might as well only get poked once if we can manage it, right?

- We also have a “sweat test” scheduled now, plus a “swallow study”. If we don’t get to the bottom of why this kid hates to eat, it won’t be for lack of effort. I’m betting though that it’s at least partly a touch thing. He simply recoils from a lot of textures. You should see him sitting on the grass: he won’t put his hands down and sits with only one leg coiled on the ground to keep him upright, and the other leg up in the air. If he could levitate I think he would. There are a number of foods I’m betting he’d like the taste of, but he clearly can’t get past their texture long enough to put them in his mouth.

- Why yes, I do have another child, thanks for asking! Grommet is much less colourful to write about these days because she’s not sick, is generally well-behaved, and a page of gushing can get boring to read. Don’t get me wrong: she’s often given time-outs for not listening or even deliberately defying us. She is three after all. But I have to say that whenever there’s a group of children, 9 times out of 10 she is the best-behaved one there and makes us very proud. Also, her verbal skills are pretty good. The other day I was taking her to daycare and this little voice broke in from the back seat,
“Mumma, when I’m bigger, will you teach me to drive?”
How quickly they grow up… and try to take the car.

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