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Mid-September round up.

2008-09-15 - 1:33 p.m.

I just made the muffins using apples and blueberries, Ĺ a cup of white sugar and ľ cup of brown sugar and one egg, and they are every bit as tasty. I may increase the ratio of brown sugar next time.

Also, FYI, substituting 1 cup of chocolate chips for the mixed fruit is yummy, albeit not as healthy and fruit-ful as the regular recipe. But bananas and chocolate? Mmmm.


The cover-yer-nasty-boobies-plz outrage over at Her Bad Mother is still going strong. Check it out.


Unka Bob and I took the munchkins to the Spencerville Fair yesterday. Itís a true agricultural fair with prizes for baking and preserves and best-looking poultry, and horse-riding competitions, and a petting zoo. Grommet loved looking at the horses and the baby chicks, and she even got to pet an alligator. Despite it being rife with amazingly bucolic photo-ops, it was also hot and muggy and the gravel-covered grounds were surprisingly stroller-unfriendly so I didnít bring the heavy camera out of the car and I hadnít thought to bring the small point-and-shoot with us. This one will just have to live on in our memories. Itís not the end of the fall fairs in the area though, so there may yet be pictures. Plus, J will hopefully have a chance to come to the next one (he was working this time).


I have (foolishly?) volunteered to take some pregnancy photos for a friend of mine. Wish me luck. Iím really hoping to get at least a couple she likes. Since Iím doing it for free though I guess I wonít worry too much about it since sheís only lost a bit of time if they all suck.

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