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Vanquishing baby brain.

2008-09-19 - 12:27 p.m.

Today I bought a calendar: the kind that has columns for every member of your (better-be-under-5-people-TOTAL) family to record goings-on. I’ve already entered the dentist and doctor’s appointments my kids have in October and November, and the list-maker inside me already feels better.

Why did it need to feel better? Because earlier this week I stood someone up and last month I would have done the same had they not called me a mere hour before our appointed rendezvous. Now, I am known for being a conscientious tracker of engagements, and am the one that keeps track of our family social calendar. The thing is though, normally I have Outlook on in front of me 5 days a week and set reminders appropriately timed to go off at some point during those 5 days. Also, I can’t seem to keep things in my head the way I normally do. Is this the fabled “baby-brain”? Seriously, I can make plans with someone or formulate my own plan to do something and five minutes later it’s totally gone, poof, as if it never existed.

Not that I want to write, “water plants” on an actual calendar, that would just be silly. Right?

The other thing I like about this calendar is that I can jot down milestones as they occur. Last Sunday Biscuit laughed for the first time. Now it’s recorded on the calendar for posterity. Of course, it’s also now recorded here, which I’m kind of hoping will also be a good way, an even better way even, for “posterity” to check these things.

In other news, I went to a Zumba class this morning (I need to give it a few more tries before I can tell if it’s going to stay in heavy rotation on my fitness list, which is mostly BodyPump classes right now). And I met a new person yesterday, who’s the wife of a guy who I met on the bus. I know that sounds kind of random, but he and I were talking about how we’re both new to this area of town and he works for the same employer I do and is about my age so I thought we might have some stuff in common. I’m not sure I have a lot in common with his wife in terms of personality, but in terms of interests we definitely have some overlapping on our Venn diagram: she’s into writing and photography. I’ll have to see how this pans out too. I could use a friend in this neck of the woods. Not that I don’t love you still, internet, but it’s not a bad thing to supplement my friends in the box on my kitchen table with friends that can actually go out for coffee, y’know?

Must be off: my sister in-law is coming with her two kids for the next couple of nights and this place needs to be spruced up a bit.

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