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To Grommet: a love poem.

2008-05-27 - 8:17 a.m.

Your forehead rests against my cheek.
Your arms encircle my neck; mine, your torso.
One hand grazes the small of your back.
But we are not dancing.
Your breath puffs against my neck, toddler-sweet. Your silk hair tickles my nose.
And you donít stir, even though your smooth belly is being nudged by your brother from inside mine.

Itís five am, and the early summer dawn is already casting leaf-shadows on the curtains.
I too should be asleep.
But I am loathe to let go of this moment.
Too soon there wonít be the luxury of time like this.
Time to just savour the moment, when itís just you and me,
Cocooning in our nest; sleeping in each otherís embrace.

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