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37 weeks down, 1.5 to go.

2008-05-25 - 12:51 p.m.

One week away from work and Iím already losing track of which day it is. I would swear it feels like Monday today, but I know itís only Sunday.

I had my 37-week obstetrical visit on Friday and Iím pleased to report that my blood pressure is still low and Iíd even officially lost a pound. This puts me at a tally of 29 pounds in terms of weight gain, with only a week and a half to go. While I know that even drinking a large glass of water or not will make the difference of a pound, and I also suspect that the heartburn played a factor (there were two evenings over the last week when all I could face as a prospect for dinner was watermelon), the upshot is that methinks I donít have to watch my ice cream intake too carefully at this point. Even better, Biscuit has dropped marginally so I donít have to worry as much about my chest feeling on fire from even looking at a couple of strawberries.

For those few people who donít know yet, Marilyn, and Zoot have now both had their babies, so itís a race between Jessamyn and myself to see whoís next. Jessieís due on the 29th but my c-section is scheduled for the 3rd so if she goes over even by a few days we could both be the same day, or I could even be a bit ahead of her. (And thereís another blogger due around now too, but since she hasnít written about it on her blog I figure itís not my place to share her news. HmmÖ although she has twittered about it, so maybe it would be okay?...) The freakiest thing is not just that we all got pregnant around the same time, itís that it was not far off the time that we attended BlogHer last year. And, while Jessamyn didnít go to BlogHer, she does live in the city in which it was held, so I count her as part of the phenomenon as well.

Grommet spent the night at the Ďrents this past Friday. While that didnít mean we got to have Friday evening to ourselves Ė we brought her out to them and did the routine to put her down for the night so they could see what works for us, so we got home just in time for our own bedtime Ė it did mean that we could hit the Great Glebe Garage Sale (which I mark on my calendar every year) Saturday morning without a munchkin in tow, and we even took in the new Indiana Jones movie at a matinee. All I have to say about the latter, by the way, is that it is a typical Indiana Jones movie in the most positive sense of the word, and that you have to be willing to suspend disbelief to enjoy it. But thatís no different from its predecessors, and one big plus about this one is that it does not have the female lead screaming helplessly at Indy for rescue at any point. I liked it. But I liked the original too, so if you hated that one, you probably wonít be too into this one. ĎNuf said.

As for the GGGS, we spent more money than we normally do, even though we covered less ground than usual (I normally go on my bike and the slow walking this time really restricted me to my favourite area only), but got a lot of good deals on quite a wide range of stuff. We got such sundries as: two of those behind-the-seat-mounting kids bike seats in impeccable shape; a picture frame with stars and moons on it to use for a family photo in Grommetís room (she has a stars and moons blanket so itíll be nice); some dress-up clothes which included a full Disney Peter Pan costume and sparkly tulle tutu for a grand total of three bucks (probably our best find); a hat for my mom to wear in the garden; a few small kiddy clothing items; a couple of DVDs; some pool toys; a book for Grommet, and a few more things I canít recall right now. I also hit a few lemonade/cookie stands.

Grommet was brought back into the city in time for us all to go to a fancy and yummy dinner to celebrate my momís birthday (and Grommet is almost always very well behaved at restaurants, thank goodness, so we donít worry too much about taking her to the odd place thatís a bit more upscale), then this morning J took her out for a spin on the bike to try out the new seatÖ she LOVED it! I have a feeling heíll be getting a lot more biking exercise than heís used to this summer.

So yeah, that was my weekend. Coming up this week: Iron Man (probably on cheap Tuesday) and the finalizing of the paperwork and packing for everyone for the week after. Other than that, Iím not too sure of anything, other than that the week will fly by.

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