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A busy Mother's Day.

2008-05-11 - 8:57 p.m.

Today I found myself more uncomfortable than is my usual wont, courtesy of quite a few Braxton-Hicks contractions and the fact that this child seems to be exerting so much pressure upwards on my poor innards that I’m surprised I don’t have liver juice being squeezed out my ears.

And did I put my feet up and rest, with a big glass of water in my hand so that the Braxton-Hicks would subside? No, because apparently proof of the end of this pregnancy being imminent brings on the KRAZEE. Instead, I was spurred into action, and while the entire household but me napped this afternoon, I started to get things packed for the hospital for me and the Biscuit, sorted through every box that held “new baby” stuff, as well as every single item of the Biscuit’s clothes that I’d washed in order to properly allocate them between the “immediate” drawer and the “to grow into” drawer. Then, once Grommet woke up I proceeded to sort through her drawers too, putting the outgrown items into boxes for storage and the winter stuff I thought she might fit into in the fall into a box with all her “to grow into” clothes that I’ve picked up. I refilled her drawers with her warm weather wardrobe. It wasn’t easy seeing some of my favourite “girly” items from her wardrobe get put away; knowing that we probably won’t have any more kids also means not having a baby sister to pass them on to, so I won’t be seeing them on any of my kids again. I also sorted through my “to pack” list for the hospital to add things that we could get at the grocery store to a shopping list. Then I went grocery shopping, though mercifully I was accompanied by J and Uncle Bob so they did the Grommet-wrangling while I picked out fruit and ventured into the aisle of feminine sanitary products to lay claim to the largest, most-absorbent, ultra-slim pads I could find for those early post-partum days. (As a side note, would you believe that, in the two years since Grommet’s birth, the hospital here has ceased supplying both sanitary napkins and diapers?)

Then we came home and I scrambled to make some sweet potato oven fries to go with the burgers J and Uncle Bob were BBQ’ing. After dinner did I put my feet up finally? Well, I’m sort of resting right now, since I’m sitting down typing this, but before I allowed myself this indulgence I whipped up a batch of batter for pumpkin chocolate chip muffins.

And hey, did you hear today was Mother’s Day? Apparently it was Mother’s Day. J narrowly escaped being lambasted here for forgetting to give me my gifts. Oh, I knew he remembered to buy them, since I was there and I picked them out (a silicone basting brush, a rasp for zesting lemons, and an apple corer). And we all went for breakfast this morning and it came up then. But where were my gifts this evening? He actually had Grommet present them to me as I was writing this. A close call indeed.

I’m heading up to bed soon. I may just get some more stuff out to pack for the hospital. Hey, I’m on a roll.

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