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Pregnancy spectres from the past.

2007-12-07 - 10:55 a.m.

Its funny, but even though Ive been through a pregnancy before, Im mildly surprised at the little things that Ive forgotten about until they surface again this time. For instance, as mentioned before, Id forgotten about those telangiectasias Id developed on my face that required laser treatment to get rid of.

Id also forgotten about:

  • the fact that my left shoulder gets stiff and sore from dutifully trying to sleep on my left side;
  • the occasional sharp pains in my leg muscles when I stretched in bed with my toes pointed. (This hasnt happened full-on yet, but the few twinges Ive gotten were enough of a reminder.);
  • the fact that my skin changes in mysterious and not always-welcome ways. Im talking skin tags, small warts on my feet, and a subtle linea nigra (all of which went away post-partum on their own), though that last isnt a bad thing, just interesting to me;
  • how my normally very deep belly button slowly gets shallower until it finally becomes kind of a half-innie/half-outie, kind of like a tiny donut sitting on my belly;
  • how barrel-shaped I get. Unlike some other women I see who carry high or low, my belly seems to mostly round out from just under my ribs, right down to my pelvis. In other words, I bulge forward anywhere there isnt bone holding me in. The first time I recall feeling like my uterus went through short cycles of growing upwards and crowding my innards, then shifting down and out a bit to give me a bit more breathing space. So yeah, even at this early stage where the top of my uterus is just starting to rise above my pelvis, my guts are being displaced upwards and outwards a bit so Ive got that overall round shape. Its subtle, but its there; and,
  • how much I both enjoy the belly round and fecund-looking as it is and how wistful I can get when looking at cute clothes (especially holiday clothes), knowing that I cant fit in them, and wont until theyre out of style, so theres no point in buying any of them.
Im sure there are other things that will pop up that will have me going, Oh yeah, I remember this.


After investigating various options for a getaway, were now thinking all-inclusive. It would cost about the same if not a little less even and be way less hassle in terms of planning. Cuba anyone?

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