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2007-11-28 - 10:20 a.m.

Can anyone explain to me why I seem to be so prone to cold sores this pregnancy? Iím on my third one, which appeared, just like last time, as soon as the previous one had healed. Since they take about a week to go away, this means Iíve had cold sores for about three weeks solid.

This is a pain for a few reasons: I canít share food or cups or straws with Grommet, who loves drinking from ďmamaís drinkĒ and eating ďmamaís cerealĒ; I canít shower her with kisses like I like to; and I canít kiss J. Think about that: not being able to kiss your husband for over 3 weeks. It kind of sucks.

So what gives? Last pregnancy I donít recall having any. Mind you, I also didnít get any colds and I had that humdinger that lasted a couple of weeks recently. No fair.

Iíve also been reminded of a phenomenon that happened last time and Iíd mercifully managed to put out of my mind: telangiectasias. What the heck are those, you might ask (if you didn't follow the link)? Itís the fancy-pants name for small red clusters of dilated capillaries close to the skin surface (also called "spider veins") that happen on the legs and face. Particularly on women. Particularly pregnant women. Guess where I got mine? One clump was right smack dab on the bridge of my nose, so it always looked like Iíd just taken off a pair of ill-fitting glassesÖ except I donít wear glasses. The other (thankfully smaller) was on my right cheek, right over where the apex of my cheekbone would be, had I a more angular face. So yeah, I look like Iíve got two big red zits in a lot of my pregnancy photos. And they didnít go away after I had Grommet either: I had to have them zapped with lasers. It only took seconds for the actual procedure, and that includes positioning of the laser, and it cost a couple of hundred bucks (our universal health care doesnít cover cosmetic procedures), and I looked like Iíd gotten in a fight for a week or so until the bandaids came off, but it was worth it to not have those red patches any more. I mean, I wasnít hideously disfigured or anything but they did make vain olí me rather self-conscious, so I was glad they could be gotten rid of.

The reminder, however, came in the form of what looked like the beginning of a couple of tiny new patches when my face was flushed after a hot shower. Fortunately they faded, but I can see the potential for recurrence with this pregnancy. Drat. I can only hope that, if they happen, they can be dealt with as easily this go-round too.

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