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Ultrasound results.

2007-10-24 - 2:29 p.m.

4.7 mm long with a heart rate of 111 beats per minute, thank-you-very-much! As predicted, the trans-abdominal ultrasound didnít show very much, so the cooter-cam was pressed into service and the heartbeat was there to see, plain as day, as soon as the wee rice grain came into view. Yay!

Interestingly, based on length, the estimated age as of yesterday was 6 weeks, 4 days, which was perfectly in line with the LMP date, except that that would mean that I ovulated on day 14 and I know for a fact that I didnít, since the ultrasound on day 15 showed a follicle that was still probably a couple of days at least from releasing an egg. That notwithstanding, this officially bumps my due date to, I believe, June 13th, 2008. The 5 day difference may not seem like much, but I think it does put me officially out of the running for Art in the Park. If I end up 2 weeks early like last time, that puts the birth at May 30th, which is earlier than the earliest possible weekend for the event, which will either be May 31st and June 1st, or June 7th and 8th. With a due date of the 18th I might have made it to the earlier set of dates. Not so now. Iím suspecting my annual 10K run with my dad might be out of my reach too next year, given that itís May 24th. Waddaya think? Mmm?

Thwarted artistic and athletic endeavours aside, the new date puts me that little bit further along towards being safely out of the first trimester when I can start telling Real Life people about the pregnancy. I know that reaching November 30th incident-free doesnít mean that Iíve got a 100% guarantee that things will be peachy-keen and nothiní but smooth sailing after that, but at least my odds are good for a positive outcome at that point. Even if they werenít Iíd bet itíd be hard to hide it for a lot longer than that, so I might as well tell people at that point. Iím not showing yet, but I know most people show earlier after their first.


The news Iím about to impart isnít my news, but itís grim and shocked me this morning, so you may want to skip this section, particularly if youíre pregnant:

I got an email from a couple Iím acquainted with this morning, letting me know that the twin girls they were expecting were born very prematurely at 23 weeks, 6 days this past Sunday, and neither of them survived more than a few hours. They lived long enough to be baptized, and now, instead of getting a nursery ready, the parents are making funeral arrangements.

It was a shock, it is a shock every time I think about it, even though theyíre not close friends. I had just run into the father last Tuesday and he was all cheery-chirpy, and on his way to pick up his wife and the two children they already have. The time that I saw them before that was a couple of months ago when they had just learned they were having twins and were in a slightly shell-shocked state. Despite their minor freaking-out-ness at the thought of doubling their number of kids in one shot, and a shot that wasnít planned to boot, you could still see that undercurrent of excitement in them both. Having made it past the half-way point, Iím sure that not getting to bring their new daughters home wasnít on their radar and my heart really goes out to them.

On the one hand, when youíre pregnant you really want to think positive and enjoy the pregnancy and the anticipation of bringing that new baby into the world. On the other hand, things like this do happen, and with far more frequency that we like to think about. I think that if we always let ourselves dwell on the ďthings seem fine, but look what happened to herĒ stuff, weíll just drive ourselves mad about things we canít change anyway. Sure a dose of caution is good Ė itís what stops us from drinking or smoking or doing other foolhardy things when weíre pregnant after all Ė but I for one think the whistling-past-the-graveyard approach is the right one for me. Iíd rather assume and act like things will be fine, and deal with stuff as I need to if it comes up. So, sad as the news was that I received this morning, Iím going to not dwell on the possibility of finding myself in that same boat. I saw a heartbeat yesterday, and thatís good enough for me for now.

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