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The outdated birth canal.

2007-10-26 - 11:39 a.m.

Dr. Hubris’s love of the scientific and the modern have been surmised and mentioned by me before on this site (I’ll leave it to you to google the entries if you’re interested). It did therefore not surprise me that he is a veritable cheerleader for the repeat c-section. He may currently function as a reproductive endocrinologist, but he used to practice obstetrics and has some mighty strong opinions on c-sections… namely that they are good.

When he and I got into a brief discussion on whether I’d choose to request a repeat c-section, he alluded to a “major study” that will be coming out soon that examines the issue of elective cesareans, and hinted that the study will give the thumbs-up to the concept. When I mentioned that the increased rate of repeat c’s may have something to do with malpractice insurance problems, he shook his head and uttered darkly, “Uterine rupture.” He even went so far as to hint that the vag may soon be considered an outdated and inferior passageway out of the womb, almost a vestigial organ (my actual words, not his in this case), if you will.

Okay, I think the man’s got a load of hooey in his head about c-sections, particularly as they pertain to elective c’s for first-time deliveries. I cannot imagine that a huge increase in the number of women having major abdominal surgery when they don’t medically need to is a good thing. If vaginal birth was as dangerous and “inferior” as he seems to think, we wouldn’t be around as a species. Yes, childbirth is dangerous and certainly it used to be far more so than it is now, but to suggest that absolutely everyone get sliced open seems a bit looney to me, and that certainly was the impression he gave.

As said before though, no decision will be made without talking to the obstetrician I’ll be getting referred to (whom I’m wildly curious to meet). And I certainly won’t be swayed by Dr. Hubris’s parting sideways slice gesture and his sotto voce “Go for the section. Don’t feel guilty.” that accompanied it. I know he means well, but I think we just have different philosophies on birth and medicine in general.

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