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2007-10-03 - 10:40 a.m.

Grumble, grumble. My lawyer has missed an important point in the documentation provided with our house-closing papers. I would really like to know why no red flags went up when a $75 receipt for an inspection from an exterminator was provided as proof of fulfillment of the condition of having:

"work professionally done in the attic to remove the animal smell and droppings, to have the insulation that is packed down brought back up to its original height and to inspect and repair for any damage that may have been done to electrical wiring."

This exterminator didn’t even remove the droppings (“chipmunk” according to his receipt) and soiled insulation, much less put any new insulation in. He’s not even qualified to restore the insulation. And since when is an exterminator licensed to inspect electrical wiring?

Why pay the obscene lawyer’s fees if they're not even going to read the documents that come in and determine if the conditions of your Agreement of Purchase and Sale were fulfilled?

And at the house, the original owner took the mailbox without providing a replacement. Now, we didn’t really like the wooden one anyway and would have been fine with a cheap metal one, but there was nothing. And we’ve changed our addresses so mail is supposed to be delivered… but there’s no mailbox to put mail in so I don’t know what’s happening with our mail now.

Plus, the original owner also took the dining room chandelier and replaced it with a cheaper one. Again, we didn’t much like the original, but in this case we were going to sell the original to subsidize buying one we liked. We don’t care if we’re given some money to make up the difference, but we’re not impressed with someone basically trying to rip us off. All fixtures are to be included with the house, and they hadn’t noted the mailbox or the chandelier as exceptions in the documents.

Hey, did I mention that they’d repainted the master bedroom but hadn’t bothered to paint behind the furniture? I think I did. Grr.

BUT, it’s good to have the new house. We’re looking forward to moving in.


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