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2007-10-02 - 10:18 a.m.

So I should have mentioned this before, but the doctor’s office acquiesced to my request and ordered the ultrasound. At day 15 (two Fridays ago) I had one follicle*. On my own. No Clomid.

At the ultrasound technician’s suggestion, Dr. Hubris allowed me another ultrasound a week later on day 22, and guess what, corpus luteum. Guess what else? It had corresponded to the rise in basal body temperature that I’d recorded on my chart. You know, the chart that Dr. Hubris doesn’t believe in bothering with because they aren’t accurate and tell you nothing? Yeah, that one.

So yes, while I can’t prove it for all cycles, this cycle I have proof positive that I do ovulate on my own. Since the temperature spike only had just happened that day, it was likely I ovulated within up to three days prior, so days 19 to 21. Since that temperature spike, my temperature has been slowly dropping and was only 98.0 today. Typically, if it goes even 0.1 degrees lower, it means the end of the cycle is nigh. Like, within a couple of days at the latest. So, if my temperature drops below 98 before Friday, evidence for a short luteal phase will be mounting since that would be 10 days after the earliest I could have ovulated, and a short luteal phase is typically one that is less than 11 days post-ovulation.

What does this mean? Well, one treatment for short luteal phase is Clomid anyway, but so is progesterone supplementation (gel up the woohoo is apparently “better tolerated” than vaginal suppositories and is more effective than pills due to the proximity to the uterus (scroll down to the drug name “Progesterone” in the chart if you follow that link)), which the doctor hadn’t mentioned or, as far as I could tell, considered. So, I’ll discuss the possibility with him of either trying the latter on its own, or in conjunction with the Clomid. If I could conceive without monkeying with my hormones so much I would think that would be a good thing, no?

In the meantime, I’m waiting for this cycle to fail but still holding out that tiny bit of hope that I can show that darn doctor and do this on my own.

*This discovery was greeted with an ah-HAH so triumphant that I startled the tech, who inquired, “Slipped one past us, did you?” This of course was followed by a brief dissertation from me on the fact that I’d believed that I ovulated on my own because of the basal body temperature charts, but that the doctor didn’t “believe in” charting and had discounted the possibility that I do, in fact, ovulate on my own.

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