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2007-07-05 - 9:26 p.m.

We sold our house today. It’s been conditionally sold since last week, but as of this afternoon it’s sold firm.

No more dropping everything and cleaning up at a moment’s notice just because someone’s in town for only the one day and saw our sign and had to see the place. No more looking at other places, deciding we like them, mentally renovating and arranging our furniture, and then watching them sell to someone else as we wait for ours to sell. No more uncertainty as to when we’ll have to move (the end of August, gulp). No more cramming a baby's metric ton of stuff into a house meant for a childless single or couple.


No more 15-minute bike ride or 45 walk to work. No more patting myself on the back as I admire my light-filled home that I designed and had built, with gleaming maple hardwood and granite countertops. No more waiting outside, stamping my feet against the chill as J flicks the switch and our eaves glow with Christmas lights. (A switch that operates the outlet mounted in the soffit, which is SO handy ever Christmas.) No more saying “we’re home!” to my daughter as we mount these particular steps towards the front door of the only house she’s ever lived in - the one we brought her home to from the hospital.

I know it's time to move on, literally. We've outgrown this place, but boy, I'll miss it. I've loved it here.

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