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Conception Project Greenlight: All Systems Go!

2007-06-28 - 7:48 p.m.

I hesitate to make this real and commit to it in writing but…

I think the Grommet may be officially weaned!

She last nursed on the 25th - three whole days ago, people! - which was the day after she turned 17 months. The true test will be the next few days when J is at work at wake-up time, and there’s less to distract her from the fact that she’s lost this last bastion of nursing time. But as of this morning she didn’t even mention “buh” when she woke up and instead asked for water, then cheese (which is how she usually lets us know she wants breakfast).

Am I sad that I will never again (knock wood) nurse my wee Grommet?


Am I also a tad relieved at no longer having chisel-sharp front teeth imprinting an angry red line on my areola?

You bet.

She wasn’t biting, but the suction action was drawing me in against her top teeth nonetheless, and it was, ahem, uncomfortable.

As I think I’ve said before, I would have actually been totally willing to put up with the teeth ‘n all, for as long as she wanted, had it not been for the fact that we want a brother or sister for her. In the first place, the nursing was seriously inhibiting my return to normal hormone levels (well, normal for me). And, as anyone who read this during all our “trying” the first time knows, those “normal” hormone levels aren’t anything to write home about anyway. In the second, given how dismal my chances are of conceiving on my own are, I can’t nurse her and take the Clomid I’ve been prescribed to use at the onset of my next cycle. Clomid has been shown to cause reproductive-tract abnormalities in baby rats and persists in the body for about a month once taken, so there’s no way I’d nurse while on it.

I’m taking a daily folic acid supplement, I’ve already started charting, and a blood test on day 25 of this cycle, my first since she was born, has confirmed what my charts already told me: no ovulation had occurred at that point. We’re not going to waste time and hope for better on our own on the next cycle; we’ll be going with the Clomid right out of the gates this time. Gentleman, start your engine!

Did I mention that more than one friend who had a baby after Grommet was born is now already pregnant with their second? And more than one online writer that got pregnant while I was trying the first time is pregnant again now? (Zoot, Sundry, I’m looking at you…) Grr.

I know it has nothing to do with me and it’s not a competition, but, for reasons I can’t explain, combined with the fact I’ll be 35 this fall, it seems to drive up my sense of urgency to get this show on the road already, yeesh!

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