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Wrong day, birthdays, and care to buy a house?

2006-05-18 - 10:20 p.m.

Holy moley! I would have bet money it was Wednesday today. Even when the OC came on, I thought, hunh, thatís funny, it must have been bumped to Wednesday this week? And Iím not sure I believe the ending. Letís just say (potential spoiler alert!) it wouldnít be the first time they ended a season with it looking like that character died!

So when CSI came on, it slowly dawned on me that Thursday shows = this must be Thursday! Duh!

This means that, in fact, I have one day to buy birthday presents for my mother, brother, and niece, all of whom Iíll be seeing over the weekend. Gulp! I have no idea what to get the first and last on that list, but at least I know what to get the bro. He wanted a Hooterís travel mug (check!) and a strap for his guitar (not check yet, but at least I know where to look for that). My mother will be the hardest because the woman seriously has everything she wants. Itís not that she has a lot, itís that she doesnít want a lot. The woman does not own a dryer by choice! Who would rather hang their clothes up by hand in this day and age? My mother, thatís who. She also prefers to lug firewood and heat with a wood stove. She has a furnace for backup but I think sheís only used it a handful of times.

This weekend will not be good for the quest to lose the pregnancy weight but will be fabulous for my taste buds so who cares? Also in the works: a visit with Jís aunt from Washington State, dinner at my dadís, and a visit from my sister Spider who will be no doubt talking about her upcoming wedding at some length. Iím glad she found someone who makes her happy and I certainly talked about my wedding a lot when it was coming up so itís definitely her turn. Iím also looking forward to introducing her to Grommet for the first time. Spider offered to come up for a visit to meet her when she was born but the thought of hosting her soon after the cesarean was too daunting so I told her she might as well wait until my momís birthday weekend, and here it is.

Grommet will be four months next week so watch for an entry with a picture coming up!

Also of note, I listed our house for sale on a for-sale-by-owner site. If you know anyone in Ottawa that would like to buy an upscale, downtown place for less than the professionally appraised market value (Iím splitting the difference between the fair market value and what weíd get after commission was deducted if I can sell it myself in a couple of weeks), hit the ďContact meĒ link and let me know. Iíll supply more details.

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