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Blink. Four months.

2006-05-24 - 12:54 p.m.

Another month gone by. Grommet’s definitely looking older.

This month she’s hit some more milestones: she’s laughed for the first time, she’s holding her head a lot steadier, and she “stands” with us supporting almost none of her weight while we balance her. When a rattle is pressed into her hand she promptly tries to stuff it in her mouth. Actually, anything she can get her little tongue near is fair game: our fingers, shoulders and hands, her receiving blankets, toys, anything. She sees something near and she lunges for it, mouth wide open. So far she hasn’t figured out that those things on the ends of her arms can actually reach for something and pick it up, but when she does, nothing will be safe from her goobery explorations.

Monch, monch, monch!

She’s more aware of what’s going on around her and wants to sit at the table with us when we eat. It makes for a slower meal when one has only one hand to eat with, but we don’t mind balancing her on our knees to have her join in… well, not so much the conversation, but maybe the circle of companionship. All too soon she’ll be a surly teenager, eager to slink away from us as soon as she can at mealtimes. Yes, I’m stereotyping and it’s based on my currently-teenaged brothers. If she turns out like me she’ll probably voluntarily stay at the table and talk people’s ears off.

We’re seeing glimmerings of a personality and she is less of a sweet-looking sack of potatoes. So far she seems quite serious and intensely focused when something catches her eye – one of the most common comments we get other than how cute she is is that she seems very “alert” – but when she does smile it lights up the whole world. At my mother’s this weekend we all flocked around her and when she smiled or cooed it was always greeted with a chorus of “Awww! She’s SO CUTE!” My sister Spider is now plotting to have her as a junior bridesmaid this October. I’m not sure how that’ll work since she’ll be just shy of 9 months and I doubt she’ll be walking yet, but we’ll try to figure something out.

My little buttercup.

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