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The home stretch at work.

2006-01-03 - 1:21 p.m.

This may or may not be my last week of work.

My blood pressure seems to be healthily low again and havenít gained any more since that jump in weight, but the midwives are not comfortable promising Iíll be working a lot longer. For one thing, in addition to the puffy, paddle-like feet I sometimes get by the end of the day, starting 4 nights ago my hands started swelling at night while I sleep, so I wake up to pee and I have trouble making fists because my fingers are achy and fat Ė even during the day the knuckles and joints are still sore. This is not making typing a dream. My face was definitely puffy yesterday (I looked like I had just gotten up all day, and felt all blinky and bleary as though Iíd been crying) and I hate looking at my rounding chin in the mirror, even if I know itís due to water retention. Iím now monitoring my urine for protein in the morning at home (this morning the reading was fine, if youíre curious), and, when they can procure one for me, will be getting a blood pressure cuff to monitor that too on a daily basis. The sentiment at the midwivesí seems to be that I am on the cusp of a problem that they donít want to develop, and they will send me off work if they think it necessary to stop that problem from developing.

Itís freaky, this betrayal by my body which had sailed through a remarkably unremarkable pregnancy up until a few weeks ago. Pride goeth before the fall I guess. Still, I know I could be much worse off in terms of weight, blood pressure, or other complications, so I still am thankful for the way the pregnancyís gone and is going overall.

In the meantime, Iíve been told that I should get my files in order this week and that next week will be taken day-by-day. And truthfully, Iím totally fine with that. Iím closing down the section of my brain labeled ďworkĒ and giving more and more attention to the section labeled ďHOLY S*&@, IíM ABOUT TO BECOME A PARENT

My former boss (himself a former Navy man) taught me a word for this state Ė FIGMO. It stands for F-it, Iíve Got My Orders and comes from the fact that in the Navy you get sent to a new post by way of receiving orders, and really, from the point you get those orders your mind has already left your current post and youíre concentrating on where youíre going. Itís a handy word to have at your disposal if you change jobs a lot, which I do.

So, this week, I have to buckle down and get all the loose ends tied up here Ė building (out of the heaps on my desk) and transferring the paper files, organizing and burning CDs of my electronic files, briefing the person whoís taking over my duties for me, deleting all extraneous stuff, setting my out-of-office messages for my phone and work email, etc. Iíve also got a couple of active files Iíd like to see well established and maybe even put to bed before I go. Speaking of which, lunch is up and Iíve got to hop to itÖ

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