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Working for the weekend.

2006-01-05 - 1:16 p.m.

Some friends are having a baby shower for us this weekend and I am SO looking forward to it! Is it because Iím greedy and like getting gifts? Partly. Is it because this whole ďpreparing for babyĒ thing is a bit overwhelming and I appreciate the help of others? Partly that too. A large part of my gleeful anticipation though, stems from the fact that itís very, very rare for me to be able to see so many people I adore in one place at one time.

J has a couple of groups of friends who all know each other so to see pretty much all his friends (except a few stragglers), we only really have to go to two events. We can therefore cover almost everybody in a weekend with one brunch and one evening get-together.

My friends, on the other hand, are much more diverse and dispersed: few of them know each other and itís extremely hard to arrange a social event where more than, say, us and two couples get together. Theyíre all very awesome, very cool people (of course, duh, thatís why Iím friends with them), and they generally get along when theyíre thrown together, but itís not like theyíre one cohesive group.

Iíve been trying, particularly over the last month, to set aside time to catch up with people before I have a baby permanently affixed to me. I know that when other friends of mine had children, in some cases I never again got to see those friends sans child. I donít blame the friends Ė I know thatís just the way it goes. Itís right and natural that Grommet become my number one priority after the birth, just as my friendsí children became theirs, but in the meantime Iím trying to cram in visits where I can concentrate wholly on interacting with other grownups. This shower will let me do just that.

More significantly, I canít remember an occasion since my wedding that Iíve managed to get so many of my dearest friends in one place at one time. How often does it happen really? Extended family gathers mostly for weddings, christenings, and funerals; friends gather for things such as weddings, baby showers, and sometimes birthdays.

Also, my dearest friend and former best woman is coming up for the whole weekend, Jís friends are having their own wee get-together for us on Friday, and a very cool cat I know is coming into town to visit for brunch on Sunday before he moves to the west coast.

Looks like a fantabulous weekend in store! I just hope that 8-month pregnant me can keep up the pace!

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