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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

2005-12-16 - 2:25 p.m.

Thats right, the weather outside is frightful. We got a whopping huge amount of snow overnight and J can hardly contain his glee.

Is Shawna's husband crazy? you may wonder.

Nope, hes just a man WITH A BRAND NEW SNOWBLOWER!!!

So far this winter hes hauled it out when weve gotten even light dustings of snow, but its not really been that much. Now hes got 15 to 20 centimeters of the powdery white stuff to vanquish with his mighty machine.

Im not sure I mentioned it but it was my birthday gift to him this year. I figured with a lot of surface area to clear and a baby on the way wed be struggling with the snow clearing this winter unless drastic actions were taken. Besides, J is very typical in his manly love of horsepower. I even let him pick it out, knowing that half the enjoyment would be in carefully considering all the options available.

Hes actually not going to be pleased with me. In my gravid state, shoveling for me is apparently verboten in our household and he even called from work this morning to suggest I go out the garage at the bottom of our house, rather than down the snow-covered steps. Instead I kicked the snow off the steps and cleared off a 1-shovel-wide strip along the walkway to allow the postman access to our mailbox. I wouldnt want to miss getting any Christmas cards, after all, would I? Unfortunately, I think it will be obvious that I did this as theres no way theres been enough snow since to fill in the trench.

Oh well, not much he can do about it now.

Js actually due to pick me up from work any time now. Itll be nice to go home early, maybe turn the fire on, get some cuddle time in, and perhaps even wrap the last of the Christmas presents that weve got. I still need stuff for three more people but I know what Im getting one of them, and I have something for the other and just want to supplement it. The big holdout is J cause I had a plan for him that fell through. Im not that worried though: I have an idea for something that would be useful for him. I think Ill have to let him pick it out.

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