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Tasty kitty treat? Or my lunch?

2005-10-28 - 11:23 a.m.

Oh the things I do to keep Grommet happy. Yesterday was a CRAZY day at the office so, rather than being able to get a healthy lunch, I had to supplement what was supposed to be a mid-afternoon snack (a grapefruit and a low fat yogurt) by delving into my drawer on the hunt for “emergency rations”. I came up with a 4-pack of saltines and a very small tin of “salmon salad” (i.e., salmon already mixed with mayo and, I think, small shreds of onion.) I’d never had it before but when I bought it I’d figured it couldn’t hurt to have some protein that wouldn’t go bad on hand in the office.

Well, I hope it was at least healthy, because that’s the only consolation for the fact that I felt like I was eating cat food, with a spoon, right out of the tin, and spreading it on crackers.

Next time, I’m just going to get the tin of fish, not pre-mixed with anything. It may be bland but at least it wouldn’t be so gag-worthy.


According to this site, I’ll be entering the third trimester anywhere from November 5th to November 10th. Of course, it also estimates my due date at Feb. 6th instead of the 7th, so both of those might be early by a day. Coincidentally, when we had the ultrasound measurements, three of them were exactly consistent with a day off our estimated due date, though the other way (i.e. Grommet is younger by a day so would be due on the 8th, a day later).

Splitting the difference and sticking with the 7th seems like the safe way to go to me. That would mean that, in a week and a half, I’ll be leaving behind the magical world of the second trimester, where everything is rosy. I’m not too big yet, but look pregnant enough for the odd offer of bus seat, and to justify taking the “pregnant woman” parking spot. I’m still able to teach at the gym, my skin is soooo much better than it was at the beginning of the first trimester, I don’t feel nauseous or even as ravenously hungry as I did for the first few months, I have no stretchmarks yet (knock wood), and “gracefully pregnant” is not entirely an oxymoron.

From here on in I expect my expansion to start bringing me into lumbering, waddling territory, squishing upwards of my internal organs to produce unpleasant effects such as the traces of heartburn I get now becoming more of a real problem, to get a plethora of stretch marks, and for me to eventually get bigger than the clothes I can’t imagine ever getting as big as.

My first and second trimesters were almost too easy; I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop.

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