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Registry set-up.

2005-10-25 - 12:29 p.m.

Twenty-five weeks on the 25th: does that mean itís my pregnancyís ďchampagne birthdayĒ?

So forty weeks minus twenty-fiveÖ holy crap! Is there really only 15 weeks to go? 15 weeks sounds like nothing! Iíll be going on maternity leave is three months and two days and Iím due in less than three and a half months now. Itís funny how counting down feels like so much bigger a deal than counting up has been, and this feeling intensifies with each week that goes by.

So Iíve been tinkering with trying to set up an online baby registry for this here journal (if that link doesnít work you can go to www.babiesrus.ca and itís under the last name of Talpidae), but Iím a bit flummoxed as to how to add items to it that arenít on their ďdefaultĒ baby registry list. This is the one I figured Iíd put the fun, fluffy stuff (i.e. toys and clothes) that doesnít cost a lot and isnít essential to have - I have a separate one for people who know me in real life that is full of the more you-really-need-this stuff. My reasoning is, of course, that I donít really expect any stranger to send me a baby gift but hey, if youíve been entertained by me for awhile and want to drop me a token teething toy, well, feel free.

The catch I havenít overcome yet isÖ I canít seem to add too much online. I have the option of choosing only from a pre-set list and clicking ďadd to baby registryĒ (hence the presence of a pregnancy pillow and breast pump - funny how I can list that latter item for the people who read about my boobs on a regular basis, but I can't imagine putting that into a registry my sister in-law is going to see, eh?), but when I go into the general area that option seems to disappear and I can only ďadd to cartĒ. Itíll take some more tinkering to figure it out I guess.

When I do manage to add stuff, Iíd LOVE for people to email me (talpidae AT hotmail DOT com) to give me suggestions on what to add Ė Iím totally flying blind over here.


Updated to add: I figured it out!

One drawback seems to be that there arenít even half as many cool/cute things to register for in Canada Ė there are a ton of places in the States that have way more stuff than the Canadian version of Babies R Us. At least I could set up this registry in Canada though, so that shipping was within the border and prices are in Canadian dollars.

So, like I said, no expectations but itís there now anyway.

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