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Wax on, wax off.

2005-09-18 - 11:44 a.m.

So it’s true, apparently, (male readers, you may want to avert your eyes for this entry as it may be considered TMI) what they say about pregnancy increasing bloodflow to the pelvic region and… waxing. Yesterday I took advantage of the fact that the Belly’s not so big yet that I can still see what’s going on down there in my nether region to some minor topiary-ing. You know, just to neaten things up. The trimming part was no big deal but since I was waxing my legs* anyway I decided to even up the edges.

My friends, other than underarms which I shave, I’ve used waxing for all my depilation needs, meager though they may be, for years; never has doing so produced big wet bloody patches before. And it doesn’t actually bother me pain-wise much normally either but I’d venture so far as to say this stung and continued to sting for a good while. Even a day later I can still feel a slightly itchy tenderness if I think about it, and it’s not like I Brazilianed myself or anything – good thing I stuck to the edges.

So, word to the wise, know what you’re getting into when you roll that warm gooey stuff on down there. Maybe do a test patch like the directions always tell you to and you just ignore.

As for the other rumour about pregnancy increasing bloodflow to the pelvic region and… the big “O”, I cannot yet report any noticeable difference over here. I prefer to explain it by telling myself that my normal ones are SO GOOD that other women just catch up to me when they’re pregnant. And I don’t want to hear any different.


* Leg waxing is something that, contrary to most women, I tend to skip for a lot of the summer while the sun bleaches my fine hair an unnoticeable blond, but which I take up again in the fall when it once again becomes more evident. Even then I might not bother – and didn’t for years, truth be told – but since I became a fitness instructor I’ve become more aware that people watch my bod at the front of the room way more closely than they would if I were just casually there to work out and it makes me feel like I should uphold that fit-and-hairless image for some reason.

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