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Diet, the weighting game, and doing the Mashed Potato

2005-09-20 - 2:50 p.m.

I just had a totally sugary doughnut, so Grommet should be doing the Can Can shortly. Heh.

You see, feeling virtuous after my consumption of a fruit with a whole-grain cereal for breakfast and then a small piece of lean protein paired with some green beans for lunch, followed by an orange for a snack, Iíd given myself mental permission to have a certain doughnut downstairs at Tim Hortons (an orange stick if you must know)Ö but it wasnít there and close questioning revealed that they donít carry it right now. Feeling totally gypped I looked for a suitable substitute and ended up with the most sugary confection I could find Ė a cruller that had been dipped in that liquid sugar stuff, and then had the top dipped in the chocolate glaze.

It seemed like a good idea at the time, but now I feel kind of bleah and am regretting the choice. It wasnít a particularly tasty doughnut, just sweet, sweet, and more sweet.

Oh, but thereís the first kick. At least thereís one advantage.

For those wondering, Iíve been managing to keep my weight pretty much under control up to this point and by 19 weeks had gained an appropriate and not-at-all-outrageous eleven pounds. I have friends whoíve gained that in their first trimester so I think Iím doing okay and most of the charts put me will within the range of healthy and normal. Iíll weigh myself tomorrow at the gym to see what my tallyís like this week. My midwife doesnít weigh me Ė she says thereís no correlation between maternal gain and infant health so thereís no point Ė but Iím thinking there has to be a correlation between maternal gain and maternal health, surely? Since without the pregnancy factor thereís a correlation between health and body composition? If nothing else Iíd think that it would be more likely that my feet would get sore if I start carting around an extra fifty pounds on them?

I havenít had what Iíd consider significant cravings yet. Sure there are times I want sugar, but I know a woman who couldnít stop eating cucumbers for awhile when she was pregnant. Sheíd go to the grocery store and load up her cart with a dozen cucumbers and eat them all in an evening or two, then have to go back to buy more. Now thatís a craving! Iíve had NOTHING like that. I noted an increase in my tolerance for spicy food in the first trimester but I didnít seek it out often, or eat larger-than-usual quantities of it Ė I just ate a few things that were a bit spicier than was usual for me and didnít feel the burn like I normally would.


I made mashed potatoes last night and after rolling my eyes in paroxysms of delight after my first sample, I thought about the following:

Making good mashed is really quite easyÖ so why is it so rare to find up-to-snuff mashed at a restaurant? Seriously, a little bit of butter, some milk, salt & pepper and maybe throw in some chives and/or parsley if youíve got it. Take the beaters to it or squish the heck out of it with a masher. Thatís it. Yet most restaurant mashed potatoes taste like theyíve been mashed with water or something. Yech.

Just thought Iíd throw that out there.

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