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2005-07-22 - 11:16 a.m.

Sound the all-clear claxon – J and I heard Grommet’s heartbeat for the first time yesterday! (The title of this entry is the song that starts playing in my head every time I think about it.) Our little Grom is alive and kicking!

The first thing (other than my own heartbeat and varied gastric symphony) that the midwife identified for us was a noise that was “movement”.

“Do you mean movement of the baby, or movement of stuff through my intestine?”

“The baby.” (!)

So the little squirt is dancing around in there, and was seemingly determined to swim away from the Doppler ultrasound waves. Then she showed that the monitor was picking up a heart rate of 173, even though it wasn’t audible yet. With some patience and squishing of my belly though, she pinned her down long enough for us to clearly hear the fast little whump, whump.

“That’s your baby.” she said.

J’s face had lit up more and more with each sound and he practically exploded at that last statement. I teared up a little bit (not something I’m normally given to do) and thanked her for letting us hear it and she thanked us for letting her be a part of such a big event.

So, my fears about whether Grommet was still alive in there have been put to rest. Once we clear all the prenatal screening that will be deemed necessary, depending on how the initial screening goes, I’ll be able to relax and focus my worrying on little things (ha) like birth and parenting.

In the meantime, we’ve got to make some care decisions. Yesterday’s appointment confirmed that I do want to use a midwife but there’s a hitch: the group that “our” midwife is a part of only has privileges at a hospital we hadn’t considered and really aren’t too keen on. It’s in the east end of the city for one thing, and while the actual birthing rooms seem a bit better for low-risk births, if something does (heaven forbid) go wrong the facilities aren’t as good as the hospital we were hoping to deliver at. The hospital that’s our first choice is just down the street from J’s work and is very centrally located in case any of our friends and family want to come to visit*. We have a very good friend who’s a nurse at this hospital that would definitely check on how things are going during her breaks and it may be nice to see a friendly face from time to time, especially if I’m in labour for a long time. My oldest friend and her partner live only blocks away so they too might come by at some point.

So, the bottom line is: I want a midwife more than I don’t want to be at this other hospital, but in an ideal world I’d be able to have both. I may call the group that has privileges at the hospital of our choice to see if there’s been any movement on the waiting list. We have to decide before a week is up so my fingers are crossed.

Next Friday… the ULTRASOUND!


*I don’t think I have the kind of family that will be out in the waiting room during a long labour and delivery, but if I do end up staying for 24 hours or longer a parent or two might want to pop by. If for any reason I end up in hospital for a longer recovery, there are certainly a couple of friends I could see dropping in.

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