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2005-04-18 - 11:01 a.m.

Continuting on from my train of thought in my last entry

The positive things I see in our results:

The source of the problem is not all me – Dr. Hubris believes I am ovulating, just not regularly or even necessarily on each cycle. Nor is the problem all J – his swimmers are there, they’re just bumbling around more than would be ideal – so there won’t be any opportunity to assign “blame” if emotions run high. I don’t think we’re the sort to resort to recriminations of that nature but things can get emotionally loaded when people are trying unsuccessfully to conceive. Treatment could be just a matter of getting me to ovulate for sure and more frequently. If that doesn’t work, there are still other tests that can be done, and we’d go from there.

The possible negative things I’m wary of:

Without a clear-cut problem there is no clear-cut solution and having kids is one area when time is really not on your side. The normal chances of conceiving on any given cycle when a couple is “trying” is 20%. I don’t know how much I reduce those chances on a percentage basis, or how much J does, but they’re definitely lower for us individually, which doesn’t give us a great shot when you combine those factors together. If I don’t ovulate on a cycle, obviously that’s a problem. If I do ovulate but J’s swimmers don’t get the job done, again, problem. So if it had turned out that it was all J, we’d know for sure what range of options we’d be looking at for a solution. The same goes for it all being me. Instead, say we do get me ovulating - it would be hard to abandon that course of treatment because, at the doctor said, “a man can have some bad sperm and can still get a woman pregnant.” But of course, his chances are lower. And there are only so many cycles I should be on Clomid for (one official-looking website recommends no more than six cycles total, or three where ovulation has been achieved but not pregnancy), even if it’s effective at getting me to ovulate.

Right now I agree with Dr. Hubris’s approach of “try this and if it works, great, if it doesn’t, we’ll do some more investigating. Then we’ll try something else maybe, depending on what those new tests tell us.” J and I have already agreed that, before we go in for the more detailed tests, we’ll do one or two cycles with the Clomid to see if it works at getting me to ovulate. If it does, but I don’t get pregnant, then we’ll definitely take a closer look at his swimmers. In the meantime, go 30%, go!

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