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2005-02-15 - 10:25 p.m.

Ah that little trickster, menstruation. I had, as you may recall, been wondering about how I'd know when I was at day one? Normally, I'd maybe get some signs of the impending doom - my basal body temperature would drop below 98 degrees, a slight discolouration, a twinge or two, that sort of thing. This was always followed by the whole shebang within a day.

This time? When I'm looking for a definitive DAY ONE spelled out for me? I get this namby-pamby, well, I'll go beige for 3 days or so and maybe that means this is IT, maybe not; I could just go away without ever getting worse, or this could be a long lead-in to the big production.

Today would have been day 3 if I'd followed my usual pattern and gone for broke the day after the early warning signs. So I figured I'd better call the doctor's office to see if they want me to get the blood work done or not. There were a few calls while I clarified my situation, the nurse checked with the doctor, then I'd get a message which would prompt me to call again to give more excruciatingly detailed information. The verdict I was eventually offered was that if I never got to a full-on stage, to wait until next cycle which might be more definitive. Yep, another almost-two-months.

And it was like my period was waiting until this string of private-subject phone calls, cryptically delivered when I was using a phone in a public place, was carried out. Not an hour after everything was decided, there was some tell-tale cramping and, why hello there my old nemesis.

At least I know for sure that DAY THREE WILL BE THIS THURSDAY. Then I might start to get some answers.

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