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2004-11-26 - 9:52 a.m.

Ah, the few the proud, the faithful… Seeing the number of visitors this last week while I’ve been away has caused some definite guilt. Time to rectify that.

I spent Saturday and Sunday in Brampton with my best friend Jo and her amazingly well-behaved children. Her five year old behaved better (and willingly ate way more types of food) at dim sum than either of my brothers would have, and they’re more than twice her age.

I don’t like to trash-talk but my brothers themselves would happily admit that they’re some of the pickiest eaters around. They have never liked pizza, for instance, because they don’t like the texture of melted cheese. Their solution? Order their pizza with grated cheese on the side, unmelted. I have rarely seen them eat anything but chicken fingers, french fries, burgers, or the meat only from the great meals their mom cooks. Some vegetarians I know would say they are colon cancer waiting to happen. But I digress…

Jo and I also stopped in on her husband at his fencing tournament. It was cool to see how many women there were fencing sabre – when I did it (albeit badly) in university, I was one of very, very few.

Sunday I did some idle browsing for Christmas presents on Queen St. and only succeeded in finding one for myself (isn’t that always the way?) – a Storm watch whose lovely deep purpley-blue face matches one of my favourite new bras. (Overshare?) I had a rare dinner with my sister, then headed back to the hotel to chill. Monday and Tuesday I attended a conference in Toronto, then took the train back to attend another conference in Ottawa on Wednesday. Yesterday I was getting caught up with work and attending meetings. Now I finally have time to sit and type a bit.

One incident of note, I was in my hotel room briefly at the noon hour when I got a panicked call from J. It seems that my rather tall boss (who I had spotted easily) had not been able to spy the rather-short me in the crowd that morning and had feared that I’d had to stay in Ottawa due to a downturn in my mother in-law’s health (she’s still stable, by the way, and saying a few short sentences). He’d had someone in the office call J to see if that was the case. J, of course, knew that I was in Toronto and the last he’d heard from me I was going shopping and then out for dinner the night before. So, when he got a call saying I was “missing” he naturally freaked out. It’s a good thing I happened to be in my room to get his call at the time and reassure him that I hadn’t been mugged or hit by a bus or anything. My boss was very, VERY sheepish and apologetic over the whole thing. Next time I do believe he’ll check the hotel or conference people FIRST to see if I’ve checked in and picked up my registration, BEFORE PANICKING MY POOR HUSBAND WHOSE CONCERN FOR MY WELL-BEING KNOWS NO BOUNDS.

Poor guy.

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