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2004-09-07 - 3:09 p.m.

As I wrote in an email to the lovely Zoot a few days ago:

My GOD, I hadn't anticipated how everything is a potential SIGN! I'm hungry? Maybe I'm pregnant! I'm not tired at 11pm? Maybe I'm not pregnant. That zit? Might be because I'm pregnant! My boobs feel completely normal? Probably not pregnant. Crampy because of pregnancy? Or just gassy?


Gah indeed. Today I got up and my boobs were ache-y. Pregnant? But now it seems to have subsided. Not pregnant and merely not enough bra wearing when I was slouching around the house yesterday?

Iíve continued to get little stabs and cramps and sometimes they seem more on the right side than in the middle. So am I ovulating and feeling the follicle bursting? Better call the hubby to come home and do me right now! Or am I feeling gas or the twinge of an unhappy appendix?

Iím taking no chance either way. Iíve cut back severely on caffeine, I take folic acid supplements, my colon has never been happier with the amount of fibre and fresh fruits and vegetables Iíve been eating and I stocked up on calcium-enriched orange juice to get the odd break from the extra milk Iíve been drinking. I also (ta dah!) bought a couple of pregnancy tests. Since my last cycle was three months long I really have no reliable date to predict ovulation so I figure weíll continue giving it the old college try every few days (Aug 29th, Sept. 1st, 4th and 5th so far for my own records) and starting maybe this weekend (which is, I figure, the earliest Iíd get a positive result if we conceived the very first try) Iíll test weekly until itís positive or until I get my period, whichever comes first.

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