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Ant attack!

2004-09-07 - 10:53 a.m.

Carpenter ants! I live in a house barely two years old and we’ve got carpenter ants living and nesting in one of our deck pillars! I hate, hate, hate those little buggers.

A bit of irony? They came from the neighbours next door, with whom I have a long history of animosity. These are the neighbours that originally opposed my petition to build my semidetached because they “liked looking up and seeing blue sky” and didn’t “want to look up and see a wall.” Whiners. The house that used to be there was only about 600 square feet (on and above grade) and there was NO WAY it was staying that way in that neighbourhood, whether it was me or someone else who expanded/built over it.

And I do know it was them. They decided to dig out part of their back yard to provide an alternate access to their illegal basement tenant and when they did so, our yard and walls were overrun with the damn critters. They told others that they’d “disturbed” a nest. Well that sent the nest scurrying to find an alternate home and apparently they decided to hang a “home sweet home” sign in my house! Grrr… I saw the telltale pile of sawdust (called “frass” for those that want to expand their ant jargon) and the jig was up for them.

Much as I’m against casual pesticide use (like lawn spraying for dandelions, for instance), I bought some carpenter ant bait and put it out. I have to admit I get kind of a sick satisfaction in seeing the ants bellying up to the bar. I can practically hear little belches of satisfaction as they push off and head back up into the nest. Carpenter ants can be a serious problem in the home and I don’t want to dick around on this. As it is, we’ll probably have to replace the pillar regardless of whether we manage to wipe these guys out or not.

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