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2004-08-25 - 10:47 p.m.

Here’s a first at Talpidae; I’ve got some images to go with yesterday’s entry, so here’s a picture show of some of the various decorations for you!

Here are the lanterns I made and made handles for out of fine wire and hung up using S hooks I bent out of coat hangers.


I used two sets of Korean wedding figurines the couple had brought back from Korea where they were teaching English when they got engaged.

Zen-like, no?

This is the beach-themed table.

Life’s a beach.

Here are the two types of flower-themed tables. Warm flowers…


…and cool flowers.

Cool, man.

And finally, my personal favourite, the table I referred to as the “Martian table” because I used some very funky colours and textures for it.

Capture that Earth Creature.

Before - After

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