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The tax man cometh.

2004-08-27 - 11:02 a.m.

Audited? What theÖ? Man, this sucks. I donít know how they determine who gets audited but I am one of the chosen ones it seems.

Actually this is an audit of my GST account and I canít say Iím totally surprised. Itís a bit of a pain but I did all the really annoying work in figuring out how to fill out the paperwork in the first place and I still have my ridiculously detailed spreadsheets so, in actual fact, itís only a few hours worth of hassle for me to send the stuff they want. Itís not the most complicated set of paperwork either. For example they ask me to provide, among other things:

ďA detailed listing of your gross sales and GST collected for this period.Ē

My list consists of:

Sold = 1 semidetached unit on August 22nd, 2003 for $X.

Total GST collected on this sale= $Y

And thatís it.

I have a couple of questions still to be answered before I send them in stuff but, thanks to my meticulous documentation, this isnít going to be the big deal I thought it was when I first opened the envelope. I hope. *fingers crossed*

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