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2004-07-30 - 11:32 a.m.

So today something weird happened to me. I was grooving along on my bike, (wearing, for the purposes of getting to work only as I had a change of clothes with me, my cherished old wifebeater and beach shorts) legs pumping and head nodding along with the tune on my MP3 player, when I suddenly felt sick. As in, ohmigodIthinkIímgoingtoPUKE sick.

Now, as Iíve documented here before, Iíve thrown up many a time in my day. However, not since I was a small child have I thrown up somewhere really inappropriate. In fact I pride myself on that fact. Unlike someone I can think of (donít worry Someone, I wonít name names), I havenít got a history of puking in anyoneís bed, or all over, say, all the shoes of party attendees. Today, it was close. Too close.

I had to pull my bike over to the side of the street, lean my head down on my handlebars, and try to breathe deeply while my jaw clenched and unclenched and my mouth filled with watery saliva. I furtively tried to scout for a place out of the way if worse came to worst but all I saw was a garbage can in the middle of a busy square and the thought of actually hopping off my bike, locking it and racing to find a washroom was more than I thought I could realistically expect.

I waited a couple of minutes and it subsided. I gingerly pushed off again and within a couple of minutes felt completely normal, as I had until minutes before the onset of nausea.

I donít think I was biking too hard Ė I bike at that pace all the time and if I donít feel nauseous after a 10K race I doubt just swinging along on my bike to work could set me off. The only thing I can think of that was out of the ordinary for me this morning is that I hastily gulped a huge-ass multivitamin on an empty stomach just before I hit the road. Iíll try not to do that again; I normally take those things with food and often I take them in the evening.

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