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A boy!

2004-07-29 - 10:20 a.m.

I didnít know it at the time but right as I was writing yesterdayís entry, baby JJ was coming into the world. At 9 pounds, 3 ounces heís a hefty little guy and kudos to his mom who did the whole thing drug-free. I donít know if that was the plan going in but thatís how it turned out. I havenít gotten the gory labour details yet, but Iím sure I will.

Actually, thatís the second baby born in a couple of weeks that I know and I for one was greatly relieved by the labour story of the first one. That particular friend had been dreading the whole birth thing and frankly, she was making me nervous of ever getting knocked up. Maybe how hard the process seems is inversely proportional to expectations going into it. On the other hand, I donít think anyone would deny that a 6-hour labour (with minimal ~ quick, avert your eyes if youíre squeamish ~ tearing) is an enviably short one, plus, like dooce, she loved, loved, loved the epidural and sang its praises to me.

Iíve heard mixed reviews on the epidural but I would never, never rule out having one myself. My doctor once told me (and I donít know where she got this number so I have only her word for it), that only about 25% of women have pain nerve endings in their cervix. Guess who finds pap smears uncomfortable? Guess who thought that a cervical ďpinch biopsyĒ was really frigginí painful? Why, that would be me! Guess whose jaw once dropped when I mentioned the whole pap=stinging sensation because she didnít even feel them? Well now, that would be the friend that just gave birth without drugs. Coincidence? I suspect not.

Shawna in front of her class at the gym last night: So in the last 24 hours Iíve had one friend get engaged, another tell me sheís pregnant, and a third give birth to a baby boy. If you hurry, you could be the 100th person to ask when Iím going to start a family. Iím thinking of giving a prize.

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